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Literacy Unit 1 Non fiction – Labels, lists and captions 

This unit is aimed at children in Year 1.

A selection of resources to support the teaching of Literacy strategy, Non fiction, unit 1 – Labels, lists and captions.

 - Theme - Food

For a complete list of what's included see the table below. Numbers in red show the number for learning objectives in the Non Fiction block   

Files Included in this Download

Resource Name



Resource Details

Which shop?

(1 pages)

1 Speaking

 To describing incidents from own experience

Name the shop where the last of items are bought. Discuss shops where children have been and where all items can be bought

List of fruit and vegetable questions

(1 page)

3 Group discussion and interaction

Ask and answer questions

Questions in alphabetical order about fruit and vegetables – children answer questions and give suggestions how else the foods can be described

Types of shops flashcards

(2 pages)

3 Group discussion and interaction

Take turns to speak, listen to others’ suggestions

Set of 8 flashcards showing different shops – children take turns to say what they can buy at the shops

At the supermarket

 (3 pages)

3 Group discussion and interaction

Offer suggestions

Discuss what can be bought at the specific part of the supermarket then make own list on worksheet. (Write answer in appropriate picture)

Alphabet of foods flashcards

(1 page)

5 Word recognition

To apply phonic knowledge to reading unfamiliar words

Use the flashcards to read, arrange in alphabetical order, say the initial sound, blend sounds, use for work on syllables

Match the food

(2 pages)

5 Word recognition

To apply phonic knowledge to reading unfamiliar words

Match the initial phonic to the pictures of the foods

My Shopping list

(1 page)

Word structure and spelling

Segment sound to spell the word correctly

Describe the items on the shopping list by filling in the gaps

Make a label

 (2 pages)

7 Understanding and interpreting text

To  find specific information in simple texts


Look at the information written and drawn on items of food with labels and make their own. Instructions and example given

My favourite foods

(1 page)

9 Creating and shaping texts

To convey information in simple non narrative forms

Finish off a list of favourite foods

Pots of jam

(1 page)

10 Text structure and organisation

Independently choose what to write about, plan and follow it through

4 pots of jam to make a label for. Decide label using colours on pots and how and where to write it.

Captions and sorting

(4 pages)

11 Sentence structure

To compose and write simple sentences.

To use capital letters and full stops.

Write captions about each of the foods – reinforce capital letters and full stops.



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