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Science Unit 1f – Sound and Hearing


          This unit is aimed at children in Year 1.

        A selection of resources to support the teaching of QCA Science unit 1f: Sound and hearing

        For a complete list of what's included see the table below.   

Files Included in this Download

Resource Name



Resource Details

Story of Henry’s birthday

(1 page)

Introduce unit by a ‘listening story’

A short story for children to add sounds to either by voice or objects

Musical Instruments

(14 pages)

There are many different sources of sounds

One source of sound – pictures and words as flashcard, words / picture separately to match

Sort the sounds

(5 pages)

There are many different sources of sounds

That we use our sense of hearing for a range of purposes, including recognising hazards and risks

Sort the pictures into the types of sound – alarm / kitchen / environment

What sounds can you hear

(4 pages)


There are many different sources of sounds

Describe sounds that may be heard in a variety of places – record on the sheets (8 different places)

Sounds PowerPoint

(11 slides)

 To make observations of sounds by listening carefully

A variety of sounds and pictures – sounds come in first – children guess, picture follows

Ways of making sounds

(3 pages)

To know there are many different ways of making sounds

A set of words used to make sounds

How to make a sound with this instrument

(2 pages)

To present results and to interpret these

Recording sheet to name instrument and how to make a sound with it

Loud and quiet

(2 pages)

To know that there are many ways of describing sounds

Cut out the pictures to put into the columns for quiet and loud objects

Songs to make music and sounds

To  make sounds in a variety of ways

Three songs to be used to make sounds using musical instruments and parts of the body

Where is the sound

(1 page)

To test that we hear with our ears

A page to record where a sound is coming from when the child sit in the centre of the room

Hearing with our ears

(1 page)

to turn ideas about hearing into questions that can be tested


Some experiments to do about hearing then recording own questions and answers

How loud

(5 pages)

To find out that some sounds can be heard from a long distance

Experiments and recording sheet to find out how loud sounds appear at different distances.






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