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Literacy  Poetry Unit 1 Using the senses  

  This unit is aimed at children in Year 1.

  A selection of resources to support the teaching of Literacy strategy, Poetry, unit 1 Using the senses

 - Poems used about senses / autumn / winter (words included n resources)

  For a complete list of what's included see the table below. Numbers in red show the number for learning objectives in the Poetry     block  

Files Included in this Download

Resource Name



Resource Details

My Senses poems

(5 pages)


9 Creating and shaping text

To find and use new and interesting words and phrases in the poems

The first page gives ideas for using the poems. Three poems about the five senses. Worksheet on finish of the sentences about senses.

Senses Poems

(5 pages)


6 Word structure and spelling

To spell new words using phonics as the prime approach

Poems about each of the senses individually. Including I spy with lots of animal pictures for initial letter phonic work

Autumn poems

(4 pages)



7 Understanding and interpreting text  

Explain the effect of patterns of language

Seven poems about the senses in autumn to be used for recognition of rhyming words, spellings etc.

Autumn Leaves poem

(2 pages)


2   Listening and responding

Listen with concentration and learn new stores of words

Poem about autumn leaves see, hear, feel with suggestions of how to use the poem

Autumn bingo

(7 pages)


5   Word recognition

To recognise words to match in a game

Autumn words and pictures - main words and pictures and cards with words or pictures for game of bingo

Pictures, Poem, make a book of Five little pumpkins

(19 pages)


8 Engaging and responding to texts

Visualize and comment on characters ( look at the faces of the pumpkins)

Suggestions for the poem of Five little pumpkins, pictures in black and white or coloured,  for use in the poem. Instructions to make a book and pictures  - in colour or in black and white

Snowman poems (winter)

(6 page)


9 Creating and shaping text

To create own short simple texts

Snowman poems one to sing including all the senses, three to fill in words( two with words given, one to make up own words

Fill in the missing letter

(8  pages)



6 Word structure and spelling

To spell new words using phonics as the prime approach

Ideas page on what to do with the autumn leaves which have a  CVC word with a missing middle letter for children to fill in.

Making words using dice

 (7 pages)


6 Word structure and spelling

To spell new words using phonics as the prime approach

Templates of dice to make CVC words (use three dice middle vowel). Two sheets on filling in the missing letter

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