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Geography Unit 1 Around our school the local area


        This unit is aimed at children in Year 1. Much of the Unit is focused on going out and about in the local area.

      A selection of resources to support the teaching of QCA Geography unit 1: Around our school the local area

      For a complete list of what's included see the table below.   

Files Included in this Download

Resource Name



Resource Details

House book

(6 pages)

To know their own address

To fill in their address on the front of a book showing different rooms in a house and spaces to write words or sentences (two pictures on each page)

How do I get to school?

(4 pages)

To describe how they get to school

Book to fill in on different ways that the children may get to school (two pictures on each page)


(6 pages)

To identify buildings in the school area focus houses

 Pictures of different types of houses e.g. detached, semis, terraced etc. lots of  pictures in different areas

Traffic survey

 (1 page)

To make a graph to show the different types of travel and how many

A graph for children to tick to show how much traffic passes the school daily, certain times of the day etc.

School parking

(2 pages)

To identify and record parking within school grounds

Record  each day for a week and retrieve information, ask and answer own questions

Where is our school?

(1 page)

To identify place local to the school

Record by picture and words places e.g. near to, opposite etc the school

Green cross code

(2 pages)

To know how to cross the road safely

Information and instructions on how to cross the road safely followed by a quiz for reinforcement

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