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Design and Technology Unit 2b Puppets

                                                    This unit is aimed at children in Year 2.

                                                    A selection of resources to support the teaching of QCA Design and Technology Unit 2b: Puppets.

                                                    For a complete list of what's included see the table below.   


Files Included in this Download

Resource Name



Resource Details

Vocabulary for unit 2b Puppets

(9 pages)

To use simple vocabulary associated with the use of textiles / puppets

Vocabulary to use during the unit 4 words on each page


(11 slides)

To know that there are different types of puppets

 To get ideas for their own designs by looking at a selection of puppets

.Pictures of hand and finger puppets to discuss and compare to puppets in class

Simple puppets

(4 pages)

To know that there are different types of puppets

10 simple ideas for making  different types of puppets quick and easy to start the unit

All about hand puppets

(1 page)

To know that puppets are made up of different parts 

Worksheet with picture of hand puppet label the given parts, answer questions about it

Investigating puppets

 (3 pages)

To make simple drawings and label parts

To identify simple design criteria

Draw a puppet and answer the questions. Give criteria for making own puppet

 Make a puppet

(8 slides)

To know basic sewing techniques

To compare joining techniques

PowerPoint to go through the making of a hand puppet

Paper patterns

 (2 pages)

To use a template to mark out identical  pieces of fabric

Patterns which can be printed out, cut out and used as a template for the fabric used for a puppet

Rabbit and chick puppet patterns

(4 pages)

To mark out, cut and join fabric pieces to make the main part of their puppet

Patterns and instructions on how to make the two puppets mark out, cut out, join and add.


(1 page)

To use appropriate finishing techniques

Pictures of eight expressions which can be copied to give their puppet a specific expression

Design criteria - puppets

To evaluate against design criteria

Record how the puppet will be designed, what it will look like, materials used, what it will do.




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