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Science Unit 4f - Circuits and conductors.

                                                  This unit is aimed at children in Year 4.

                     A selection of resources to support the teaching of QCA Science Unit 4f: Circuits and conductors.

                                                  For a complete list of what's included see the table below.   

    Files Included in this Download

Resource Name



Resource Details

Vocabulary for unit

(8 pages)

Vocabulary to be used during this unit

Cards of words that may be used throughout this unit (24 cards / words –3 on each sheet)

Questions on electricity and simple circuits

(2 pages)

Revision on completion of topic

Questions about the topic of circuits

Electrical Circuit

 (11 slides)


To learn that a complete circuit is needed for a device to work

A PowerPoint presentation showing how a circuit works and when it doesn’t work

Complete the circuit

 (1 page)


To learn that a complete circuit is needed for a device to work

Draw the missing wires to complete the circuit on each picture


(1 page)


To learn that a complete circuit is needed for a device to work

Complete the sentences. Draw in the circuit

Mains electricity and batteries

 (1 page)


To learn that circuits powered by batteries can be used for investigation and experiment, appliances connected to the mains must not

Make a list of devices that work by mains electric or battery and explain when the mains electric devices could be dangerous

Introduction to conductors

 (1 page)

To learn that some materials are better conductors of electricity than others

Read the explanation. Do the experiment and record results to find which materials are better conductors.

Lighting the bulb

(1 page)



To learn how to find out which materials allow electricity to pass through them

Record which of the circuits will light the bulb and give reasons

Conductors and insulators

 (2 pages)


To use results to draw conclusions about which materials conduct electricity

Test the given objects to find out if they are conductors or insulators. Record the results of the investigation

About conductors and insulators

(1 page)


To learn that metals are good conductors of electricity, most other materials are not

Explanation and questions about insulators and conductors

Switches – do they work?

(4 pages)


To learn that a switch can be used to make or break a circuit to turn things on or off (using both batteries or mains)

Explanation. Show knowledge and understanding of whether the switch works or not

Changing circuits

 (1 page)


To learn how to change the brightness of bulbs and speed of a motor in a circuit

An explanation,. Record which diagrams show brighter or less bright bulbs. Symbolled diagram to decide which motor runs faster

Will these circuits work?

 (1 page)

To make suggestions about what can be investigated and predictions about what will happen

Some circuits for prediction and then confirmation of whether a circuit will work using symbols for the parts of the circuit


(2 pages)


To know that  a circuit needs a power source

To make comparisons indicating whether the results support the prediction made

Investigate which materials can you use to bridge the gap to   make a circuit work

Circuit symbols

(2 pages)


To learn the symbols used in a circuit

A page showing the symbols used in a circuit. A page for symbols to be drawn next to name


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